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TEA THERAPY – “Keep Calm and Drink Tea”


At Herbgoddess Teas & Medicinal Botanicals we encourage you to walk through the door of mindfulness when joining us for tea.  Take time out to enjoy every sip of your personal cup or pot of tea.


Globally we live in a high-tech, digital driven, mundane environment. Taking time out of your busy schedule for tea can help restore balance, giving a much needed time out from the chaotic world around you.  Our tea house was designed to bring a sense of peace and harmony to the body/mind. Our décor sets the stage for stress reduction and it is our intention to help you transform your day.


Slow down, ignore your electronic device….sink into a state of Zen.  Optimize your tea time with positive intentions for you and the world around you. Find the joy in your life no matter how small.


A soothing, relaxing blend of herbs combined to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.


Fire & Ice: 

The health benefits attached to this blend include reducing inflammation in the body.


Mystical Mint: 

An awesome and uplifting minty composition best describes this magical brew.


Raspberry Rhapsody: 

Fruity and flavorful is the character profile of this unique tisane.


Bermuda Gombey Rhythm:   

A harmonious blend of lemon flavored herbs and dried fruit.


Bermuda Spice: 

This aromatic and spicy tea is similar in taste to the Bermuda spice leaf.


Lim Dynasty: 

A marriage of green teas and herbs gives a unique flavor to this antioxidant packed brew.


Blooming Nettle:  

A smooth and floral blend, with fruity notes, rounds off the flavor of this tea. 



The sweet taste of Honey-bush in this brew takes your taste buds on a unique journey.


Golden Triangle:

Warm and spicy best describes this powerful combination of turmeric and other herbs that creates a golden hue when infused. This is a special blend to help reduce inflammation along with joint and muscle pain.


Balancing Act:

Bring the Chakras into balance while revitalizing your entire being.  This therapeutic mix of herbs and flowers delivers a soothing experience that aligns the energy centers in the body while reducing stress and enhancing overall wellbeing.


Bermuda Rum Runners:

Black tea has been scientifically proven to reduce mental and physical fatigue, improve concentration and memory and boost immune function.  This is a perfect tea to jump start the day, or keep you alert during the afternoon.


Bermy Berry:

This antioxidant rich tisane releases a tropical fruit taste coupled with a ruby red infusion in your cup.  Packed with vitamin C this combination of dried berries and fruits helps to minimize uric acid buildup.

Our Signature Teas

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